A Blacksmith turned Jeweller

My name is Tyler de Witt. I began forging metal years ago after watching a demonstration from a local blacksmith. Seeing the red hot metal deform, the physicality, the hand made tools.. I was hooked. 

After scrounging for equipment, I forged as a hobby in the garage for many years. Compared to my daily software development job, blacksmithing was a wonderful counterpoint. I loved how low tech it was. The tools haven't really changed in hundreds of years. There's no danger of my hammer and anvil becoming obsolete. Compare that to the disposable gadgets that must be constantly replaced as they break or become incompatible with ever changing software.

My first attempts at selling were an assortment of hand forged items. It came as a surprise that the most popular items were rings. The smallest items I forged turn out to be the most popular. 

I've refined and expanded my ring offerings. I love the texture of firescaled iron, hammer marks and small imperfections.. these tell the story of a truly hand made item. It's wonderful to be able to practice a skill I love and produce adornments that will have meaning for people. 

In an age of fast moving technology and mass produced products.. I believe that what makes an item precious is simply the demonstrated investment of a little time and love by a human being.